What to expect as a student of MBSR



Stress melts away as we focus on present-moment awareness to promote our own capacity for healing and well-being. The practices involve guided sitting meditation, body scans and gentle yoga.

Also incorporated in MBSR are mindful eating and mindful walking. MBSR provides the tools for recognizing stress and identifying pain patterns embedded deep within our daily habits. By simply practicing mindfulness, we begin to become free from habits and thought patterns that have dictated our reactions for years.

The safe structure and support within the MBSR program will bring you towards the steps needed to return to a calm state of being and balance that promotes healing.


“The value of this program was so much more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you!”

"A stress-based health issue improved, and even more importantly, I no longer relate to this health issue as an obstacle in my life. I'm able to live with it with much more ease."

“I am aware of the possibilities of making healthy choices; of the limitations caused by judgements. It is wonderful to live in the present and find the peace in stillness and to give compassion to myself and others. Thank you.”

"The MBSR training helped me see that there's more right with me than wrong with me."

“This is a very clear, what you might call introductory and deep at the same time, course in mindfulness, taught with a lot of compassion and heart.”

"MBSR helped me pay attention in my everyday life. I'm less on automatic pilot and more aware of myself moving."

Our MBSR graduates share their benefits:

    • Learn many different kinds of mindfulness practices
    • Develop a daily practice
    • Instructor’s calm gentle manner
    • More open to new ways to meditate
    • Feeling less judgmental of myself and others
    • Honesty with self
    • Small and large group discussions
    • No judgment- an acceptance of doing the practices I can
    • Body scans and Metta meditations